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Titanic on 43rd Street

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

A Folk Lyric Walking Tour Through Hyde Park

Thursday (4/14/22)

7:00 PM

NE corner of 43rd Street & Speedway

This will be a free outdoor event. The walking tour will weave together elements of Hyde Park history, Titanic anecdotes, homebuilding, shipbuilding, Tudor London, Texas trees, and nautical lore into a brand new story spanning centuries and oceans.

April 14 will mark the 110-year anniversary of Titanic’s final sunset. The ocean liner would sink beneath the surface of the North Atlantic in the early morning hours of April 15, 1912. Austin Aloha has developed a novel way to commemorate the legendary ocean liner’s maiden voyage and her final sunset at sea.

Titanic on 43rd Street will be Austin's premiere commemoration of Titanic's 110-year anniversary. We have mapped the dimensions of Titanic onto 43rd Street. From bow to stern Titanic measured just over 882 feet.

Mural painted on the west wall of Fresh Plus on 43rd Street in Hyde Park

If Titanic were facing west on 43rd with her stern end lined up with the west wall of Fresh Plus, her bow would reach just past the west curbs of Avenue F.

Anton Walbrook with Simone Simon in La Ronde (1950); JC Shakespeare walks west toward Avenue H on 43rd Street in Waking Life (2001)

Tour will conclude at Avenue H & 43rd Street

Last year's tour attendance peaked at 22. We hope to break that record this year by the time we reach Avenue H

Tour will take place rain or shine

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