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Pecan Press Scoops Austin's Print Media

Updated: May 15, 2022

Pecan Press did not sit by the fax machine waiting for a press release to dial in.

Nope. Pecan Press keeps an ear to the curb. Old fashioned reporting. Working sources. Tracking leads. About a week before Titanic on 43rd Street: A Folk Lyric Walking Tour through Hyde Park was scheduled to take place, a micro-buzz began to hum & sizzle along 43rd Street between Speedway and Avenue H. When the Pecan Press news desk caught wind of the un-sanctioned, un-credentialed, folk lyric walking tour, they didn't let the opportunity slip away. They had a chance to get the scoop on the rest of Austin's print media establishment. Pecan Press would step boldly where the Chronicle, Statesman, Daily Texan, and the Tribune did not know to tread.

When Pecan Press subscribers opened the May issue, they were treated to exclusive coverage of Titanic on 43rd Street.

Under the banner "Around & About the Avenues," Pecan Press featured a photo and reporting on an event that never submitted a press release. Here's what the Press had to say:

Titanic on 43rd Street: A Folk Lyric Walking Tour through Hyde Park.
On April 14, Patrick Floyd led an audience along 43rd Street from the fire station to Avenue H in recognition of the 110th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. The tour was an entertaining performance that fused information about significance structures on 43rd Street -- the fire station, the Kopperl House, and the Hodnette-McKesson House -- with information about the Titanic. Patrick Floyd was joined in his efforts by Jessica Schwartz, who matched his portrayal of Morris Kopperl with hers of Loula [Dale] Kopperl, and musicians Keith Palumbo and Courtney Jackson. We hope this turns into a regular Hyde Park event.

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