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Titanic on 43rd: Attendance Record!

For the second year in a row Titanic on 43rd Street sets an attendance record.

Tour guide Patrick Floyd perched on a stump in front of W.O. Gustafson House (200 E. 43rd Street). Photo credit: Shannon Southerland

Last year's attendance record was shattered with a peak of 55 attendees! The weather was seductive & the moon enchanting.

We hope to share more photos of yesterdusk's folk lyric walking tour as they become available. Attendees were treated to live musical accompaniment from The Tilted Deck Trio. Hyde Park resident Jessica Schwartz surprised her fellow tour walkers by emerging from the crowd to assume the role of legendary Hyde Park resident Loula Dale Kopperl. Loula Dale was known as the Belle of Burnet. Schwartz was joined by her dogs Eazy-E & Peter Meatball as she portrayed Loula Dale in front of Kopperl House (4212 Avenue F), where Loula Dale lived from 1896 until her death in the home in 1919.

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