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"Purple Rain" Ending Revealed

Exclusive Video of Titanic on 43rd Street's Finale

Tour guide Patrick Floyd makes a purple fantasy of the parking lot just west of Quack's on the southside of 43rd Street (4/14/22)

The main issue with the finale was that it started too late. Way too late. Over 90 minutes after the tour's scheduled start time. Tour attendance peaked at 55 early in the tour, but much like the lounging lawn population at Barton Springs, dusk attrition was significant.

For the second year in a row, Titanic on 43rd Street, had run long. And for the second year in a row, a Purple Rain set piece would provide the final farewell.

Austin Aloha has obtained exclusive video of the this year's tour finale (which was supposed to take place as the sun was setting approx 45 minutes earlier). Musical accompaniment is taken without permission from an unreleased Washington Generals instrumental. Recorded in January 2016, the instrumental plays with a chord progression from "Purple Rain"

I don't wanna let 'em play Autumn

Not when it's spring

They can sink the steel,

But not the steam

That string quintet made a paisley pact

When the sea swallows this ship

We won't over-react

When the stern begins to raise

With these port lights still ablaze

When there's one last song to play

We'll play Purple Rain

Purple Rain

A bronze propeller starlit serenade

Uncrowded lifeboats rowing away

Can't escape the dying strains

Of these strings sawing away


The band's still cookin'

On this tilted deck

They're going down now

But they're not done yet

They're gonna play this whole descent

Going down at 30 knots

It's Purple Rain without a pause

And they won't quit

'Til they hit the silt

And send up one final refrain

Venting dreams from a watery grave

When these steam bubbles blister

The surface of the sea

They're poppin' Purple Rain

From two and a half miles deep

Titanic on 43rd Street: A Folk Lyric Walking Tour Through Hyde Park weaves together elements of Hyde Park history, Titanic anecdotes, homebuilding, shipbuilding, Tudor London, Texas trees, and nautical lore into a brand new story spanning centuries and oceans.

Hodnette-Roberts House (4300 Avenue F) tour stop. Photo credit Sarah Wilson

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