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Highway to Five

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

When CC considered an early assembly of this collage, her response was near immediate:

"9 to Hell"

With Highway to Hell peaking over the shoulders of 9 to 5's weary trio, I know she's right.

It was via text, but I can hear her giggle. [I just checked the text thread, and she prefaced her title with "ha ha" so my sense memory is embarrassingly literal.]

"Highway to Five" does not capture the mood in the same way, but it's silly & sorta rhyme-y & I like it. Anyway, however you stir together the title tracks of the film & the movie, you get the intro song from Cheers. Folks like me ... on a one-way ride ... all my name-knowing friends are gonna be there too.

I took the 9 to 5 image from an issue of Billboard.

The Highway to Hell album cover is a reproduction from the pages of this book.

This spread got done dirty.

I don't remember where I clipped the Lizzo image. I think Lady Gaga was from Rolling Stone. My conscience is the least clean concerning the toddler-faced teacup holding Lizzo & Gaga. I don't remember the artist's name. It may be from a spread in Juxtapoz, but I'm not sure. I will update this post when I learn the artist's name. I suspect I could find a clue in this bin of partially harvested images.

Update: Johnson Tsang sculpted the toddler teacup featured in Hi-Fructose

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