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Titanic on 43rd Street

Updated: Apr 11

A Four-Block Walk of Dimensional Digression

Steel sinks. Steam rises.

Ohio Air Show Plane Crash

Just before the crash

I was at the rail,

I remember now somebody shouting

but I couldn't hear too well

and when he went into a dive

we all came on our feet,

and just like he meant to

nose into the lake

he did so perfectly

"Ohio Air Show Plane Crash" by Joe Henry

Moonlight Tower at 41st Street & Speedway

Robert Frost's Greatest Hits

A. "The Road Not Taken"

B. "Mending Wall"

C. "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening"

D. "Nothing Gold Can Stay"

Winston Churchill of the London Admiralty

Alphabetical list of Titanic's passengers (Survivors' names in italics)

Royal Tenenbaum's burial marker

Shipe House (1892); 3816 Avenue G

Clemens Home in Hartford, CT

Emily Kane

An estrangement from human scale

From historical marker in Shipe Park

Battle Hall (1911)

Designed by Cass Gilbert

West wall of Fresh Plus on 43rd Street

Hyde Park Bar & Grill signage is a big forkin' deal.

Myrder was the crepes that they gave me

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