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They Keep Chaucer-ing Austin

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

On Thursdays in June, Austin Aloha will feature fresh reflections on the study of the study of Austin. Our unanticipated, multi-part series They Keep Chaucer-ing Austin will kick-off next Thursday when we will follow Mint O. Reed back to the Hancock Opera House on the cusp of spring in 1900.

In her 1957 book Music in Austin: 1900—1956, Mint opens on the evening of the two-year old venue’s first packed house. World-renowned pianist Jan Paderewski plays the role of the slightly built redhead pushing 40 making the scene in Austin. The show closes with Liszt, not Johnny Bush.

The plan for They Keep Chaucer-ing Austin is to start weekly and finish weakly.

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